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Coronavirus: Recent Confirm Cases,

coronavirus recent comfirm cases

current and more recent infection are being reported around the world

coronavirus recent comfirm cases march 2020

Several new cases of the novel coronavirus that emerged in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in late December are being reported daily around the world.

So far, Coronavirus: Recent Confirm Cases, is more than 86,000 people have died from COVID-19, as the illness is officially known, while infection, over 1million have been confirmed in at least 170 countries and territories. More than 127,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus.

Territories With Recent confirmed cases (COVID-19)

Here is a table of the most recent updates on COVID -19 (coronavirus) Infection


LocationTotal casesNew cases (1 day*)New cases (last 60 days)Cases per 1 million peopleDeaths
Worldwide96,218,601No data60-day trend chart12,3742,058,534
United States24,311,264185,07060-day trend chart73,770401,823
India10,595,63913,81660-day trend chart7,788152,718
Brazil8,573,86462,09460-day trend chart40,570211,491
Russia3,574,33021,44260-day trend chart24,35765,632
United Kingdom3,466,84933,35560-day trend chart52,18491,470
France2,931,05023,33960-day trend chart43,69770,963
Italy2,400,59810,49660-day trend chart39,84883,157
Turkey2,399,7816,81860-day trend chart28,85924,328
Spain2,370,74234,29160-day trend chart50,33454,173
Germany2,071,61512,23360-day trend chart24,91448,997
Colombia1,939,07115,93960-day trend chart39,25649,402
Argentina1,819,56912,14160-day trend chart40,49046,066
Mexico1,668,39618,89460-day trend chart13,181142,832
Poland1,443,8044,89060-day trend chart37,62033,698
South Africa1,356,7169,78060-day trend chart23,08338,288
Iran1,342,1345,91760-day trend chart16,10656,973
Ukraine1,206,1254,23160-day trend chart28,80022,037
Peru1,060,567060-day trend chart33,00738,770
Indonesia927,38010,36560-day trend chart3,47426,590
Netherlands921,5804,27260-day trend chart52,80913,162
Czechia899,5037,65160-day trend chart84,11314,646
Canada725,5075,73860-day trend chart19,10318,462
Romania697,8982,74560-day trend chart35,96517,369
Belgium681,2501,47960-day trend chart59,11320,554
Chile677,1513,40160-day trend chart35,44017,573
Iraq609,85282360-day trend chart15,58612,962
Portugal566,95810,45560-day trend chart55,1709,246
Israel565,6297,38060-day trend chart61,6154,080
Sweden533,2659,77960-day trend chart51,60610,591
Bangladesh529,03170260-day trend chart3,1427,942
Pakistan524,7831,77260-day trend chart2,39511,103
Philippines504,0841,34860-day trend chart4,6479,978
Switzerland502,1912,26060-day trend chart58,4868,859
Morocco461,3901,24660-day trend chart12,8688,011
Austria396,4251,48660-day trend chart44,5297,199
Serbia375,7991,68860-day trend chart53,9653,791
Saudi Arabia365,32522660-day trend chart10,6766,335
Hungary353,27657360-day trend chart36,14911,520
Japan340,9895,38460-day trend chart2,7074,680
Jordan316,42788360-day trend chart29,7134,170
Panama301,5342,17360-day trend chart71,4744,864
Nepal267,99234860-day trend chart8,9341,969
Lebanon260,3154,35960-day trend chart38,1392,020
United Arab Emirates260,2233,49160-day trend chart26,311756
Georgia249,4651,55060-day trend chart66,9982,973
Ecuador232,56892460-day trend chart13,32314,382
Belarus228,7161,35660-day trend chart24,2971,601
Azerbaijan227,69630560-day trend chart22,6183,032
Slovakia226,2941,90960-day trend chart41,4733,637
Croatia225,64852060-day trend chart55,3574,684
Kazakhstan218,2161,25260-day trend chart11,6852,894
Bulgaria212,92754460-day trend chart30,4188,614
Dominican Republic196,5911,62560-day trend chart18,9792,461
Bolivia191,0902,35760-day trend chart16,6609,722
Denmark190,61972460-day trend chart32,7371,837
Costa Rica186,87786160-day trend chart36,9472,477
Tunisia184,4832,59860-day trend chart15,7385,844
Ireland176,8391,99660-day trend chart35,9322,708
Lithuania168,70871660-day trend chart60,3942,494
Malaysia165,3713,63160-day trend chart5,051619
Armenia164,91223660-day trend chart55,7613,007
Kuwait158,82257860-day trend chart35,932950
Egypt158,17489960-day trend chart1,5798,696
Palestine153,59052460-day trend chart30,8621,751
Moldova153,50639460-day trend chart57,2413,282
Slovenia151,1371,71360-day trend chart72,1743,231
Guatemala150,2771,13160-day trend chart9,0515,313
Greece149,46253760-day trend chart13,9365,518
Qatar147,72922560-day trend chart53,773248
Honduras136,0681,13060-day trend chart14,8573,391
Myanmar (Burma)135,24344860-day trend chart2,4892,986
Oman132,14613560-day trend chart28,3281,516
Ethiopia131,72718160-day trend chart1,3352,037
Paraguay123,35977160-day trend chart17,2462,535
Venezuela121,11767360-day trend chart3,7591,116
Bosnia and Herzegovina118,38330060-day trend chart35,8634,509
Nigeria113,3051,30160-day trend chart5501,464
Libya110,46559660-day trend chart16,0761,700
Algeria104,34124960-day trend chart2,4272,843
Kenya99,3088160-day trend chart2,0881,734
Bahrain98,26032060-day trend chart63,669362
North Macedonia89,39240060-day trend chart43,0362,726
Mainland China88,454No data60-day trend chart634,635
Kyrgyzstan83,43025260-day trend chart12,7701,392
Uzbekistan78,0915560-day trend chart2,290620
South Korea73,51840360-day trend chart1,4201,300
Albania68,56858660-day trend chart24,0931,287
Norway59,45642260-day trend chart11,077525
Singapore59,1573060-day trend chart10,37229
Ghana58,43136660-day trend chart1,930358
Latvia56,72081260-day trend chart29,7461,012
Montenegro56,22842560-day trend chart90,347749
Kosovo56,11826760-day trend chart31,2521,411
Sri Lanka54,41966960-day trend chart2,496273
Afghanistan54,1417960-day trend chart1,6802,346
El Salvador51,437060-day trend chart7,9301,509
Luxembourg48,9758560-day trend chart79,778560
Finland40,72221760-day trend chart7,367621
Zambia39,5151,30860-day trend chart2,209578
Uganda38,53444960-day trend chart956305
Estonia37,94159760-day trend chart28,562344
Uruguay33,44658360-day trend chart9,506330
Cyprus29,29416460-day trend chart33,444176
Australia28,7401060-day trend chart1,120909
Zimbabwe28,67578360-day trend chart1,892825
Mozambique28,27082460-day trend chart940253
Cameroon28,010060-day trend chart1,055455
Sudan26,279060-day trend chart6201,603
Côte d’Ivoire25,3837960-day trend chart983142
Senegal23,39216860-day trend chart1,443536
Democratic Republic of the Congo20,692No data60-day trend chart231630
Angola19,0118560-day trend chart611442
Cuba18,77333060-day trend chart1,675175
Botswana18,630060-day trend chart7,96588
Madagascar18,301060-day trend chart697273
French Polynesia17,697060-day trend chart64,139127
Mauritania16,1476660-day trend chart3,960405
Malta15,94220060-day trend chart32,300242
French Guiana15,0558060-day trend chart52,79276
Maldives14,6335160-day trend chart39,04549
Jamaica14,41914560-day trend chart5,288329
Guinea14,2074260-day trend chart1,16381
Malawi13,88085360-day trend chart726336
Eswatini13,44325660-day trend chart12,296403
Tajikistan13,308060-day trend chart1,45890
Syria13,2249260-day trend chart756850
Cape Verde13,1399360-day trend chart23,868120
Thailand12,6535960-day trend chart19071
Belize11,6152360-day trend chart28,434283
Rwanda11,54828960-day trend chart933148
Haiti10,907060-day trend chart942240
Gabon10,019060-day trend chart4,61266
Hong Kong9,7205660-day trend chart1,296165
Réunion9,55210960-day trend chart11,14845
Burkina Faso9,352060-day trend chart448105
Andorra9,19411160-day trend chart118,56692
Guadeloupe8,94811460-day trend chart21,998156
The Bahamas8,068160-day trend chart20,937175
Mali7,8802560-day trend chart395317
Republic of the Congo7,709060-day trend chart1,397114
Suriname7,7098560-day trend chart13,260146
Trinidad and Tobago7,4151660-day trend chart5,436132
Lesotho7,018060-day trend chart3,496101
Guyana6,9501960-day trend chart8,879170
Mayotte6,78917860-day trend chart29,67458
Aruba6,5237260-day trend chart58,08152
Martinique6,3027560-day trend chart16,23844
Nicaragua6,2045260-day trend chart960168
Iceland5,970060-day trend chart16,38929
Djibouti5,910560-day trend chart5,48061
Equatorial Guinea5,365060-day trend chart3,95086
Central African Republic4,963No data60-day trend chart90363
Somalia4,744060-day trend chart298130
Curaçao4,527460-day trend chart28,53220
Togo4,3835960-day trend chart58174
Niger4,2252160-day trend chart189146
The Gambia3,938560-day trend chart1,677128
Gibraltar3,7938160-day trend chart112,54947
South Sudan3,7625960-day trend chart29464
Benin3,413060-day trend chart29146
Jersey3,0881160-day trend chart28,91462
Sierra Leone3,0301660-day trend chart38377
Chad2,9775860-day trend chart183114
San Marino2,8031660-day trend chart83,48765
Guinea-Bissau2,510160-day trend chart1,56445
Liechtenstein2,398360-day trend chart61,88550
New Zealand2,267560-day trend chart45625
Yemen2,115260-day trend chart71612
Liberia1,898260-day trend chart42484
Eritrea1,877060-day trend chart5376
Comoros1,8649560-day trend chart2,13351
Northern Cyprus1,850No data60-day trend chart5,67511
Sint Maarten1,677860-day trend chart41,29127
Mongolia1,5683260-day trend chart4742
Vietnam1,540160-day trend chart1635
Burundi1,253860-day trend chart1142
Monaco1,2402860-day trend chart32,3769
São Tomé and Príncipe1,151960-day trend chart5,70417
Turks and Caicos Islands1,105060-day trend chart26,7117
Barbados1,095060-day trend chart3,8157
Saint Martin1,076060-day trend chart30,10112
Taiwan868660-day trend chart377
Bhutan848560-day trend chart1,1431
Papua New Guinea834060-day trend chart939
Seychelles746060-day trend chart7,6412
Bermuda684160-day trend chart10,68312
Saint Lucia6563560-day trend chart3,6718
Faroe Islands650160-day trend chart12,4701
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines60210860-day trend chart5,4432
Mauritius556060-day trend chart43910
Tanzania509060-day trend chart921
Cambodia448760-day trend chart290
Isle of Man432060-day trend chart5,18525
Cayman Islands381160-day trend chart5,7892
Guernsey310160-day trend chart4,88713
Saint Barthélemy251060-day trend chartNo data1
Caribbean Netherlands196060-day trend chart7,8913
Antigua and Barbuda190160-day trend chart1,9706
Brunei174060-day trend chart3933
Grenada139060-day trend chart1,2411
British Virgin Islands114060-day trend chart3,7961
Åland Islands110No data60-day trend chart3,6810
Dominica110060-day trend chart1,5320
Fiji55060-day trend chart622
Timor-Leste52060-day trend chart370
Macao46060-day trend chart680
New Caledonia44060-day trend chart1560
Laos41060-day trend chart60
Saint Kitts and Nevis35060-day trend chart6630
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)32060-day trend chartNo data0
Greenland30060-day trend chart5350
Vatican City27060-day trend chartNo data0
Saint Pierre and Miquelon16060-day trend chartNo data0
Anguilla15060-day trend chart1,0090
Montserrat13060-day trend chartNo data1
Western Sahara10No data60-day trend chart171
Turkmenistan0No data60-day trend chart00
Bouvet IslandNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
British Indian Ocean TerritoryNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
Svalbard and Jan MayenNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
Solomon IslandsNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
Christmas IslandNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
Cook IslandsNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
French Southern and Antarctic LandsNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
Federated States of MicronesiaNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
Heard Island and McDonald IslandsNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
KiribatiNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
Marshall IslandsNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
NiueNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
North KoreaNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
NamibiaNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
NauruNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
Norfolk IslandNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
PalauNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
Pitcairn IslandsNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
SamoaNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
AntarcticaNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
TokelauNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
TongaNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
TuvaluNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
United States Minor Outlying IslandsNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
VanuatuNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da CunhaNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data
Wallis and FutunaNo dataNo data60-day trend chartNo dataNo data

*The number of new cases reported for the most recent day of complete data, within the last three daysSources: WikipediaThe New York TimesJHU CSSE COVID-19 Data


The region of Macau had confirmed 19 cases, while Hong Kong reported 273 confirmed cases, including four deaths, according to China’s National Health Commission. 



SymptomsCoronavirus: Recent Confirm Cases


“PREVENTIONS AND PROTECTIONS” Coronavirus: Recent Confirm Cases

how to protect your self from coronavirus

“IMMUNITY” Coronavirus: Recent Confirm Cases

existing immunity of coronavirus

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