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If you have ever downloaded or want to download a movie, music or Tv series on Wapfreshest for the first time and the video or music seems not to play or it seems almost impossible to download the desired music, movie or Tv series, then we have this quick solution for you, but before then we will attend to some frequently asked question as regards to downloading Music and videos on wapfreshest

Before then NOTE THIS: if the Video or music is giving you issues or now download, kindly email [email protected] with screenshots so we can help trace and solve the issues.

I Can’t download the Videos or Music Audio On Wapfreshest

Before you can download mp3 Audio Music file in some sections on Wapfreshest, you have to click on the Download Text which will force the download immediately, in the case it did not force-download, follow below procedure: 

  • Press Hold or Right Click on the download text/button
  • On the window that comes up, click save as or Download link

If you’re facing further challenges in downloading movies on wapfreshest follow the Instruction below:

Before you can download movies in some sections on Wapfreshest, you need to know that most of our videos are host in different online storage for security reasons and are scan before uploaded to their various host so they’re Virus Free. So to download our video, you have to click on the Download Text which will force the download immediately, in the case it did not force-download, follow below procedure:

  • Click the download link or button (it will automatically redirect to either google drive or other hosts depend on the movie)
  • Then the notices Below will immediately pop up:

“Google Drive can’t scan this file for viruses.

The Name of the movie.mp4 (Size: Any MB) is too large for Google to scan for viruses. Would you still like to download this file?”

  • Click Download Anyway. then it will start downloading automatically.

How Do I Play the Video after downloading it?

Do not use your default system player. We recommend using VLC Media Player, you can get it on Playstore, Appstore or via their Official Website –

Navigate to the storage location on your device, and Open with VLC Media player. Why can’t I download Some Old Movies?

How to Download Movie On

Furthermore, To perfectly educate you. Wapfreshest has been a trusted platform to download Latest Music and Movies Online and recently, it’s getting to our notice that so many users do not understand the working of our new download page interface for Music, Tv Series, and Hollywood Movies.

  • On the Download Page
  • Click Download Movie
  • The Page will either reload / Show download button
  • Click The download button (With Size of the Movie
  • Your Download will start Immediately

You can follow the pictorial representation of this Step below.

Step 1

Click The Button that says “Download The Movie” OR “I Understand, Download Movie

Step 2

The Page will reload / The actual download link will show up.

Step 3

Click on the Download Button, and the file will start downloading..

NOTE: All Download buttons on shows the exact file size in MB, GB or KB as the case may be of the exact file, in cases where there is no file size, just know the files are not around our server or we will try to get you a download link if clicked.


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