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TUwin. HOW DID WE GET HERE mp3 Download

TUwin. HOW DID WE GET HERE mp3 Download

Most Anticipated single titled: TUwin. HOW DID WE GET HERE mp3 Download by TUwin Winnerman is out Now

Bieni Pascal Chukwufumunanya who popularly known by his stage name, TUwin, aka Winnerman is a unique Afropop, afro-fusion & Afro-winner-styled artist, singer, and songwriter who just released the most anticipated single titled: how did we get here.

TUwin is a music artist with a difference, his unique sound and styles of music make him stand out from the crowd, in an interview recently he said his pattern/style of music is called afro-winner.

He does what he does best singing his pains, joy, moods, challenges, love, betrayers, oppression, suffering, and more his people, and people around him, he uses his powerful and melodious vocal, to Sends clear message through his music in a way that the whole world can relate and understand an attempt to bring healing and love to this wounded world of so much wickedness and unending hatred.

Nigeria was once an indisputable leader in Africa: what happened? How did we live in Nigeria for so long in so much corruption, oppression of the elite on the poor, killing, looting, unemployment’s, trafficking, abuse, stealing of public funds, missing budgets and many more and live at if things is moving normal.

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